About the Center

About the Center

Bak Ambalaj R&D Center (BAK AGM), certified by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology in August 2017 and being the first in the printed flexible packaging industry, manages its projects and activities under a single roof in its headquarters.
In its activities, Bak Ambalaj relies on the fact that what determines the difference between the leader and the follower is innovation, proceeding with its R&D investments at full speed in line with its 2025 vision.

Technical Team

Standing out with its inquisitive nature, creativity and technical equipment, as well as its enthusiasm, BAK AGM's team includes experts from different disciplines, from science and engineering backgrounds, at undergraduate and graduate levels. BAK AGM Team performs simulations in every step of the value chain, from the structural formulation to the product packaging to the user unpacking experience when the end consumers open the products on the market shelves and they produce solutions that can meet varying and complex needs of users.  In order to provide solutions to the developing and changing needs and to keep up to date, know-how is enhanced through intensive training sessions.

Laboratory Infrastructure

The Center can perform qualitative and quantitative analyses, including surface analysis, oxygen-moisture barrier studies, determination of material components, tensile adhesion strength using equipment with cutting-edge technology (FTIR, DSC, OTR, WVTR, etc.) in special laboratory areas, and respond to the needs of the industry by leading its customers, business partners and the industry thanks to its laboratory facilities.