R & D Capabilities


Market-Oriented Solutions

Bak Ambalaj engages in operations with an innovative approach and acts as a solution partner to its customers. The company concentrates on the big picture for each product and project, with close attention to detail on demands for solution in product development, press, material, sustainability and cost reduction. The R&D department combines creativity, enthusiasm and technical know-how and carries out innovation activities in a growing momentum with an eye to taking innovative solution competencies to the next level.

R&D department has an expert team of science and engineering backgrounds. The department respects the environment, works with a customer-oriented approach, helps develop companies it engages in cooperation with, grows with investments and helps grow its stakeholders.

In addition to a close follow-up of the market and technological developments in the sector, R&D activities are to a large extent shaped by the needs and demands of customers. Core activities of the department include technical support to partners of the team and technical training services. Bak Ambalaj appears on the shelves across continents, chiefly in Europe, with end product packages that are fruits of market research and R&D activities.  R&D team establishes a goodcommunication network between suppliers and customers and develops each idea and proposition for materials, machinery, food or product method with the help of this communication network.

Science and Technology

Innovation activities of the R&D department not only focus on market pull for specific purposes and customers, but also on technology push with continuous technology research and cooperation. Project and innovation specialists manage projects within a realistic perspective, engaging in genuine 'project management'. While the sector is largely dominated by product development only, Bak Ambalaj doesn't limit its activities to incremental innovation work but takes major steps towards radical innovation as well.

R&D Department of Bak Ambalaj works in cooperation with national and international universities and research centers, hence playing a pioneering role in adapting science and technology to the society and the environment. The department is also actively involved in TÜBİTAK and Horizon2020 projects. Bak Ambalaj not only works in the area of trade secrets but patent activities as well. With an awareness of quality over quantity, the company makes progress with a strong and sensitive approach for cooperation and patent activities.

Qualitative and quantitative analyses are carried out in the R&D laboratory with advanced technology including FTIR, DSC, OTR, WTR  and other equipment. Chemical and mechanical tests and permeability tests are among other analyses conducted in the laboratory. Thanks to its laboratory facilities, Bak Ambalaj steers the sector by meeting all the needs including raw material, semi-finished products, manufacturing process, productivity, end product, customer and consumer conditions. The company also continues pilot line activities on a gradual basis.

As a highly environment-conscious company, Bak Ambalaj works towards a sustainable and green future. Bak Ambalaj closely follows latest scientific and environmental advancements, looks into and applies new methods to reduce waste and increase recycling in new product design activities and development of existing products. The company demonstrates maximum concentration for minimum negative impact to the environment.

Bak Ambalaj carries out activities with an awareness of innovation as decisive element between leadership and following and invests in R&D at full speed to meet its goals for 2025.