Our Sustainability Approach

Our Environmental Policy

The main principal of Bak Ambalaj’s Environmental Policy is “Protecting the Environment”. It is to protect our environment and preserve its sustainability by respecting the environmental laws and regulations, especially keeping the environmental aspects such as clean air, noise pollution, water pollution, waste removal, protection from radiation and pollution of the soil under control, reducing these effects and increasing the company’s environmental performance perpetually, and reflecting these approach on every production activity in order to leave the future generations a clean and habitable environment.

Protecting the environment is the duty and responsibility of every employee. Creating environmental awareness in all employees, supporting it and providing the necessary resources for it is the constant duty of the management. The goals in this context are:

  • To focus on eco–friendly technology and prioritize the investments that are the least harmful to environment,
  • To include all the suppliers in the circle by raising their awareness
  • To make use of the recycling and re-usage alternatives by reducing the waste that occurs as a result of the production, transportation, storage, operation, decontamination and maintenance activities,
  • To decrease the damage we do to environment to a minimum level by reducing the greenhouse gas emission, contribute to a sustainable future, and
  • To reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the environment.

Our Goals and Strategies

Sustainability is among the goals and business strategies as a key performance indicator.  Climate change, carbon economy and other sustainable activities are defined.  The outputs of these activities are;

  • Reduction of the emissions caused by operations
  • Development and production of the products that leave less carbon footprint on nature, 
  • Usage of eco-friendly technologies and techniques,
  • Taking an active role in social responsibility projects.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing the greenhouse gas emission is a part of Bak Ambalaj’s way of doing business. By measuring the environmental effects of all the operations and production processes it is in, Bak Ambalaj will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and effects that are harmful to environment in line with the sectoral comparisons in accordance with the company’s constant improvement goal and will be a leading company nationwide.

Bak Ambalaj is completing the Carbon Disclosure Project response since 2010 to disclose our climate change information to our customers.